This is my Medutopia - What’s yours? with Dr. Rob Rogers

A candid conversation with the pulmcast team and meded super star rob rogers

Our Pulmcast team sat down with Dr. Rob Rogers enthusiast of all things medical education to pick his brain on why medical education is so BAD and what you and I can do to make it better - what we can do to change the world and make our medutopia.


Medutopia is a company that Rob Rogers started that has evolved into a collection of resources, educators, and ideas - all with the end goal of equipping educators with tools they need to become a better educator and change the world.


The learner - educator gap

Why is there such a big gap between learners and educators? Have we as educators forgotten what it’s like to be a new learner who doesn’t know anything? Have we forgotten how terrible death by powerpoint is? How can we close that gap?

A few things we discussed:

Giving better presentations

Death by powerpoint needs to end. You are more than a source of data. The goal is NOT to just get through a laundry list of objectives - the goal is to inspire.

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Learning choreography

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Teaching at the bedside on a busy shift

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The power of social media and why Rob Rogers live-tweeted his own MI


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The future

We’ll add more resources over the next week - Take a listen, give us feedback and start making your own medutopia!





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