It's a condition characterized by life-threatening organ dysfunction; it results from a dysregulated host response to an infection.

It's the major cause of inpatient mortality at our hospital.

It isn't always obvious. Unless we're looking for it.

Or until it's too late.

The goal of this page is to provide you with the tools to recognize sepsis, intervene early and frequently reassess your patients with sepsis.

If we want to help our patients with this life-threatening disease, we have to KNOW sepsis.


Sepsis Clinical Documents


Sepsis Multicast Podcast Series

This is a full, six-episode podcast series covering the entirety of sepsis care. We discuss core content, historical perspectives, management controversies and something we call mindful deviation. In the final episode (6), we bring Dr. Chad Case on the show to ask him some heavy-hitting, controversial question on sepsis care. Take a listen!

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In Show #1/5 we will provide an introduction to the series, review some sepsis core content and discuss the debated "septic, normotensive, LA >4" patient. For more information check out the shownotes at http://pulmcast.com/podcast/1

In Show #2 we will go in depth into the history of sepsis care including surviving sepsis campaign, Rivers landmark Early Goal Directed Therapy (EGDT) trial, and the Jones LACTATE clearance trial. For more information check out the shownotes at http://pulmcast.com/podcast/2

In show #3 we discuss PROCESS/PROMISE/ARISE. The 3 new trials that shook up the sepsis in 2014. We followed that with some blood utilization discussion and review of the TRISS trial. For more information check out the shownotes at http://pulmcast.com/podcast/3.

In this episode (#4) we discuss new Sepsis CMS core measures, new Sepsis 3.0 definitions and the controversey between the two For more information check out the shownotes at http://pulmcast.com/podcast/4

In Sepsis Episode 5, we brought on Craig Patterson, MD. One of our intensivists who is passionate about this topic (among many) in an attempt to bring it all together. We take the lessons learned over the course of the last 4 episodes and try to distill it into cohesive message about how to deal with Sepsis in modern times. For more information check out the shownotes at https://pulmcast.com/podcast/5

We bring in Dr. Chad Case, Chief of Critical Care out our shop, to talk controversies in sepsis management. Is EGDT dead? If so, what do we teach non-intensivists that staff 70% of ICUs nation-wide? Does dobutamine belong in the trash along with CVP, ScvO2, passive leg raise, PA caths & POCUS? Is there anything we CAN do nowadays?? And more - take a listen!

Sepsis Video Series

This is a multi-part video series discussing our Sepsis Promise Package Launch at Piedmont Hospital. The goal is to introduce our new early warning systems, discuss interventions and clarify your role (e.g. Nurse, STAT team, APP, MD) in the early & aggressive medical care of the septic patient.