The AO: Assessment Oriented Presentation

This podcast is about a new method of communication called the ASSESSMENT ORIENTED PRESENTATION (AO).

  • Maddow et al (2003)
  • 36 PGY-1 to PGY-3 residents
  • Asked to perform either traditional (112) or AO presentation (87)
  • Traditional-2mins
  • AO - 1 min 10s
  • No difference in presentation quality
  • Residents felt more organized and satisfied with their presentations


Communication - We Don't Do a Good Job

Traditional Case Presentation Purpose:

  •      Inform - share the patient's story
  •      Persuade - convince a colleague to do something for you
  •      Support your assessment and plan and ultimately...
  •      Demonstrate your competence as a provider

AO Presentation Purpose

  •      Provide assessment - doing this first allows listener to cue in to relevant details and avoids cognitive overload         
  •      Make your asks known - so they know where they fit in the patient's care plan
  •      Persuade listener that your asks are appropriate so they will help you care for the patient


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