What to Expect

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Your ICU rotation consists of:

  • ICU Preceptorship - 2 weeks (8 shifts) with an assigned veteran APP with goal of learning standard operating procedures

    • Start observing your procedures (print out procedure credentialing check off sheet from onboarding docs)

    • Complete ICU APP preceptorship checklist - can find checklist in new hire binder (from onboarding above)

  • Pulmonary Rotation - 4 weeks (around 16 shifts) with goal of mastering core pulmonary topics, basics of note writing and basics of admitting/discharging

  • Formal ICU Rotation - 8 weeks (around 30 shifts) starting with day shifts and transitioning to nights as you improve

    • Receive formal lectures from ICU MDs or APPs (read topics below prior to lecture)

    • Become competent at oral presentation, documentation and plan formation

    • Start slow with only a few patients a shift and build up as you improve

      • Week 1-2: education is primary emphasis, rounding is top priority. See new patients if abilities are up to par

      • Week 3-5: New patients and education becomes higher priority than rounding

      • Weeks 6-8: New patients and consult take top priorty over education/rounding; by this point, you are an expert at all core educational topics

    • Complete your proctored procedures throughout (MUST fill out proctor form and get signature from MD - do immediately following procedure)

Throughout your time here you will undergo multiple evaluations completed by the physicians and APPs you work with. These will be at the end of each rotation above as well as a mid-rotation evaluation during your formal ICU rotation. At the ICU mid-rotation evaluation we will discuss areas to focus on for the remainder of training.