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Neuro Critical Care

Neurological issues often arise in ICU patients, whether it is ICU delirium or intentional overdose. Having a basic understanding of core neuro topics is important for the overall care of your patient.

ICU Delirium/Sedation & Analgesia

FCCS Ch. 8

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 49 and 50

Gina Cochran PAD Powerpoint

Jackson PAD CCRN Powerpoint

SCCM PAD Guidelines

Drug Overdoses

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 53; 4th ed Ch 54-55

ESICM Trauma and Emergency Medicine Module: Major Intoxication section

  • Must have special access, but this page is a good summary: Click here

FOAMCast 48: Urine Drug Screen, Cocaine, and PCP

EM Cases: Best Case Ever 50: Delirium Tremens


FCCS Ch. 8

RASS Scale

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 50; 4th ed: Ch 44, 51

ESICM Neurocritical care Module: Coma and altered consciousness section (parts 1-4)

  • Establishing brain death: part 4 Coma ESICM above

Approach to acute stroke patient

FCCS Ch. 8

AHA Guidelines for the Management of Spontaneous ICH

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 52; 4th ed: Ch. 46

EmCrit Podcast 11: Ischemic Stroke 2013

FOAMCast Episode 53: ICH

EmCrit Podcast 8: Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

EmCrit Podcast 78: Increased ICP and Herniation

Seizures/Status Epilepticus:

FCCS Ch. 8

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 51; 4th ed: Ch 45

EmCrit: Status Epilepticus Podcast 155