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The EPIC language

There are a few nuances of EPIC that are important to know.

  • The magic key: F2 on your keyboard. F2 will take you to things you still need to fill out.

  • Whenever EPIC sees three stars (***), that is an area that still needs to be worked on. You can use this to advantage and put three starts on areas you need to go back to. In order to jump around and see what you need to go back to, use F2. You will not be able to sign a note until all *** sections are addressed/removed

  • There are smartlists in epic that you may sometimes see. Using F2 will take you to these lists if they are present; it will list out multiple options and you select one

  • There are also areas of the note that will automatically populate information; you will see these with the "@" sign. Some examples are @SOCHX@, @FAMHX@, @HMEDS@. In our note template they are already included but once you get better at EPIC you can use these to your advantage to create custom items

This is an example of a smartlist

This is an example of a smartlist

Creating Patient Lists

Once you have access to EPIC, ask a veteran to share the shared GLA lists with you (under "my patient lists"). But you can also create your own personal patient lists to keep up with your intubations, central lines, arterial lines and vascaths.


Step One - go to where your patient lists are (on the left side of the screen). Click edit list; then click "create my list".


Step Two - once you click this, this window will pop up. First name your list (I've named this one "central lines" to keep track of central lines I've done). Find the columns you want to show up in your list - I chose MRN and Patient Name/Age/sex. There are a variety of columns to choose from. When you find one you want, click "add columns" with the green plus arrow. Once done click "accept" on bottom right.


Step Three - Your list should not be on the left side, but it will not have any patients - yet.


Step Four - to add patient to the list, drag the patient's name from the center of the screen to the list OR right click the list and click "add patient" to add them by MRN.


Changing Context

Depending on what site and whether you are working pulm/ICU, you have to change the "context" of your EPIC. This makes sure you are “charging” the patient at the correct site (and the correct hospital/deparment is making money - if you charge for critical care time at Fayette ICU but are actually at Henry ICU, Henry ICU will get paid not Fayette ICU).

Here are the following departments we have:

  • PPG PAH CCM (ICU at Atlanta)

  • PPG PAH Pulm (Pulm/acute care at Atlanta)

  • PPG PFH CCM (ICU at Fayette)

  • PPG PFH Pulm (Pulm/acute care at Fayette)

  • PPG PNH CCM (ICU at Newnan)

  • PPG PNH Pulm (Pulm/acute care at Newnan)

  • PPG PHH CCM (ICU at Henry)

  • PPG PHH Pulm (Pulm/acute care at Henry)

Step One - Click the EPIC symbol on the top left of your screen. Click "change context"

Step Two - this window will pop up. Click the magnifying glass on the "department" box

Step Three - for those you've used recently, you will see it under "recent". Otherwise search for it by clicking "search" to the direct left of "recent".

Step Four - click "okay" to confirm your choice, then "okay" again to officially change context


To confirm you are in the correct context, take a look at the top left of your EPIC. You will see the context you are in.


Save Time: Creating Smartphrases

In this example, we will be creating an email signature, but you can use smartphrases for a lot of things. Another common example:

You can name a smartphrase ".criticalcare" and have it pop up as
"I spent a total of *** mins of critical care time on this patient, independent of any other provider. This did not include time for procedures. "


Step One - click "Epic" button on top left of screen

Step Two - Go to tools, then click "Smartpharse manager" with the green plus icon

Step Three - This screen will pop up. Your name will automatically fill it; click "Go"


Step Four - Click "new" with the green plus icon

Step Five - add a name for your smartphrase (try and make it short), then type the text you want to appear when you use the smartphrase in the box below that

Step Six - Click accept at bottom right of screen


Step Seven - your smartphrase is now ready to use! When you're in a note, type a period followed by the name of your smartphrase


When you press enter on your keyboard, it will magically appear