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Cardiology Critical Care

The heart is essential to staying alive. Most of our organs have a relationship with the heart; therefore, in patients with organ failure, the heart can often take a hit of its own. In many cases an cardiac insult is in the inciting factor to critical illness - such as STEMI in DKA, or right heart failure in massive PE. Knowing cardiac physiology and how to manage basic cardiac pathologies will help you manage overall critical illness.

Acute MI Management (focus on types and management)

FCCS Ch. 10

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 17; 4th ed: Ch 16

AHA NSTEMI Guidelines (Drive)

AHA STEMI Guidelines (Drive)

Mayo Clinic: ACS part 1 Kumar (Drive)

Mayo Clinic: ACS part 2 Kumar (Drive)


Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 18; 4th ed: Ch 15

FOAMCast Episode 34: Tachyarrhythmia’s

Emcrit Podcast 20: The Crashing Atrial Fibrillation Patient


PulmCrit: Treatment of Hemodynamically Stable New Onset AFib in Critical Illness (Drive)

Electrophysiology: VT Diagnosis Wellens (Drive)

NEJM: SVT Delacretaz (Drive)

Crit Care Med 2000: Bradyarrhythmia’s Kaushik (Drive)

Cardiac Arrests:

FCCS Ch. 3, FCCS Appendix 4

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 15-16; 4th ed: Ch 17

Running a code

ACLS Algorithms

Hypothermia protocol

Targeted Temperature Management NEJM article (Drive)

Emcrit Podcast 126: Targeted Temperature Management

Congestive Heart Failure (focus on diagnosis and management)

Marino Ch. 14

MedCram: Heart Failure parts 1-3

FOAMCast Episode 7: Heart Failure

EmCrit Podcast Episode 1: SCAPE (Sympathetic Crashing Acute Pulmonary Edema)

HTN Emergency/Urgency

EmCrit Podcast 190: Emergencies with a side of Hypertension

SOAP Basic Hypertensive Emergency Overview including Medications