Sepsis Multicast

"So imagine you're back in training/in training in the ED. You're asked to admit a 65 year old female, she has a UTI. It should be easy enough, right? Your confidence builds a bit as you begin to remember your UTI antibiotics..."

Get a deeper understanding of sepsis and gain the tools to deal with sepsis at your facility.  (FINISHED)

Deep Dive

"This is core content - you GOTTA know it."

Dive deeper and gain knowledge that is core to being a provider in the field of critical care and pulmonary medicine. (ONGOING)

Journal Club Series

"You're nervous. You think you have a good point to make - and you ruminate it over several minutes while other people make their points. One of the attendings finishes up his excellent point, and everyone is nodding their head in unison... this is your chance."

Understand the concepts of critical appraisal & EBM in order to be a better practitioner at medicine and a better participant at journal club. (IN PROGRESS)

Pulmcast Little (PCL) Series

There are some topics that we really wanna talk about that are high yield, that are really not going to take that long to talk about. (ONGOING)

Psychosocial Series

Where we focus less on the textbook and more on the social aspects of CCM.