The Retrospectoscope

Warning: NON MEDICAL EPISODE! Admittedly this show is a little inside-jokey, so we apologize for that.


BUT - we still think there is much to be learned from our accomplishments & shortcomings, so we are sharing them with you!

This episode was created for our group's annual retreat. In this show, we peek through the retrospectoscope to review the going-ons in the professional development side of our group in 2016. We talk about our accomplishments as a group, the many challenges we have faced throughout the year and finally we wrap up with our vision for the future (spoiler alert: it's world domination).
The short:
  • Have greatly expanded our pulmonary, critical care and sleep program
  • Hired and trained many advanced practice providers (APPs) across all 3 specialties
  • Hired and trained many MDs across all 3 specialties, and made a streamlined onboarding program to ease transition
  • Held many educational events:
    • Journal Club
    • Many well-known speakers at local/national grand rounds
      • One you may know! Randy Young - Check out Podcast Episode 8: New Lungs I
    • Launched robust, high-fidelity simulation program
    • APPs presenting at a greater number of these events
  • Hosted Fundamentals of Critical Care Support (FCCS) Course
  • Hosted Difficult Airway Course
  • Launched APP Airway Management program
  • Launched this very podcast -- Pulmcast!

So.. This year has been awesome

But awesome takes a lot of work. And all that work comes at a cost:


We are working on strategies to better recognize and manage burnout among our providers. We're also looking to create a safe space to talk about stress, burnout and the importance of self-care.
Burnout Podcast being brewed up as we speak
So, next stop on the horizon: World Domination

On to the slides...

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