Physician Onboarding


We are excited you have joined the Piedmont Physicians Pulmonary and Critical Care team! This page will be your reference and resource for all things onboarding. We care about making your entrance into our program as smooth as possible. If you look to the business world, executives that have an onboarding process drastically cut down on the transition time it takes them to be effective as leaders. This is the goal of our physician onboarding program. To cut down the time it takes you to be effective physicians and leaders.

Program components

  • Duration: The program consists of 6 weeks of out of staffing training. While you will be seeing patients, you won’t be directly responsible for an entire unit or census. Your goal is onboarding first. We have staff in place who will manage the patient care needs.

  • Components: During those 6 weeks, you will spend time in the ICU (2 weeks), on the pulmonary acute care service (1 week), and the clinic (1 week). You will travel to many of our sites including ones you will never work at. The goal is for you to gain an understanding of our division at large and to meet your teammates even if geography limits you seeing them regularly.

  • Sites: The majority of your time will be spent at our Piedmont Atlanta site as well as your primary site (about 50% each). The goal is for you to spend time with our leaders and get a sense of our culture for both the division as a whole as well as your local site.

  • Clinical Preceptor: Each day you will be assigned a clinical preceptor physician who is responsible for your education that day. They will be available for any needs you have during your specific shift.

  • Lecture Series: Most days you will be assigned one or more talks. These are not designed as formal lectures from school. We know you can take care of patients. These talks are a mix of cultural lectures, program introductions, understanding piedmont, and quality team talks. We consider these talks highly important. Please make every effort to attend them even forgoing patient care (because there is someone else in staffing there for the patients).

  • Meet and Greets: Please work with your clinical preceptors and local site division leaders to set up meet and greets with the suggested groups on your checklists.

  • Debriefs: We schedule frequent debriefs with our executive team and professional development leaders while you are onboarding to check in and see how you are doing.

  • Issues/Needs: If you have any issues regarding your onboarding experience please contact Chad Case, John Heisler, or Althea Howery.

Important Documents

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