Hired Off Of Rotations


so you want to get hired off rotations?

Basic Common Sense Practices:

  • Be on time, don't ask to leave early
  • Be appropriately dressed
  • Keep white coat clean
  • Bring gum (for John)

What to do on shift:

  • Enthusiasm goes a long way
  • Take initiative, take procedures seriously
    • Put on gloves and try and help out
  • Get involved in cardiac arrests
  • Downtime:
    • Story based learning + repetition - "Continued exposure connected to emotional experiences"
    • Use your phone?? Make sure your preceptor knows you're NOT on facebook (and consider using a tablet)
  • Know when your preceptor is busy and avoid asking a million questions
    • "Fade in, Fade out"
    • Don't be given assignments; give yourself assignments, be a self starter
  • Independent learning
    • Look up things in the morning and study; ask for a patient to see
    • Follow up on things in afternoon
  • You can get deeply involved in care by working on interpersonal skills - talk to patient

When leaving rotation:

  • Hand written thank you card
  • Gifts aren't necessary; we know you don't make money
  • Want to work with a group?
    • keep in touch

What not to do

  • Don't be non-teachable
    • Overconfident, defensive, etc
  • Seek feedback and most importantly don't get defensive against feedback
    • Aggressively seek criticism
    • This is your time to be wrong; you'll be expected to be right all the time later
  • Don't talk bad about ANYONE


“Ingenuity”, "Credit Roll", "As I was saying", and "Thinking it over" by Lee Rosevere is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 / Songs have been cropped in length from original form