Sepsis Multicast 5/5

In Sepsis Episode 5, we brought on Craig Patterson, MD. One of our intensivists who is passionate about this topic (among many) in an attempt to bring it all together. We take the lessons learned over the course of the last 4 episodes and try to distill it into cohesive message about how to deal with Sepsis in modern times.
Areas of discussion include:
  • Sepsis then and now
  • Sepsis and EMR
  • CVP and other methods of fluid responsiveness
  • EGDT in general in relation to new trials
  • Different types of resources from developing countries compared to first world
    • and community compared to urban tertiary centers
  • CHF patients
  • Sepsis Protocols and Mindful Deviation

Thanks, we hope you enjoyed this series -- stay tuned for more!!


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