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We are group of providers with a passion for #FOAMed, resus and critical care who are breathing life into fresh FOAM content one podcast at a time.

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This is my Medutopia - What’s yours? with Dr. Rob Rogers

How can we be better educators and change the world of education at the same time? Our Pulmcast team sat down with Dr. Rob Rogers enthusiast of all things medical education to pick his brain on a host of topics.

The Anatomy of a Code

ACLS is well known to most providers, but the thing that is difficult, even to seasoned providers, is taking control of the room.

The Investment of Sleep with Dr. Michael Grandner

When it comes to our daily lives, we sometimes forget to invest in one the most important things that factor into our health, happiness and well being - sleep. In todays episode we interview sleep expert Dr. Michael Grandner to help us navigate this world.

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