Part 1: The Differentiating Different Types

FCCS Ch. 7

Marino 3rd ed: Ch 12-14; 4th ed: Ch 11-12

Medcram: Shock part 1 and 2

Part 2: In-depth interpretation and management

FCCS Ch. 6

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 9, 10; 4th ed: Ch 7-10


Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 40-44; 4th ed: 39-41

Rivers Early Goal Directed Therapy article [NEJM 2001]


Surviving Sepsis Guidelines 2016 (NEW)

Pulmcast Sepsis Multicast Episode 1

Pulmcast Sepsis Multicast Episode 2

Pulmcast Sepsis Multicast Episode 3

Pulmcast Sepsis Multicast Episode 4

Pulmcast Sepsis Multicast Episode 5

FOAMCast Episode 44: Sepsis Redefined (Sep-3 Definitions)

Emcrit Podcast 169: Interview with Merv Singer:

Emcrit Practical Evidence Podcast 015: Surviving Sepsis Guidelines 2016

Dr. Chad Case Sepsis State of the Art Grand Rounds Lecture


EmCrit Podcast 138: Vasopressor Basics

AHA 2008: Inotropes and Vasopressors (Drive)

Hemodynamic Monitoring

Devices: CVP/SCVo2, Swan-Ganz Catheter, Flotrac

Invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring Modger (Drive)

MedCram: Oxygen Delivery to the Tissues

MedCram: Oxygen Dissociation Curve   

Approach to the hypoxemic patient/Acute Respiratory Failure

FCCS Ch. 4

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 19,22; 4th ed Ch 20, 23

MedCram: 5 Types of Hypoxemia

Heisler 5 Types of Hypoxemia PPT (Drive)


ARDSnet protocol (NEJM 2000)

Pulmcast ARDS Mindpalace:

Required Reading Trials:


Airway Management

FCCS Ch. 2

Pulmcast Airway Track (you are responsible for everything listed below)

  • Airway Preparation: Plan
  • Airway Assessment: Difficult Predictors
  • Airway Basics
  • Oxygenation
  • EmCrit: LAMW: Intubating the Hypotensive Patient

Mechanical Ventilation

FCCS Ch. 5

Marino 3rd ed: Ch’s 24-27; 4th ed: Ch 25,26, 29-30

MedCram: Mech Vent parts 1-5

MedCram: Vent Pearls #1

MedCram: Vent Pearls #2

HCAP/HAP/VAP/severe CAP ICU version

FCCS Ch. 11

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 41; 4th ed: Ch 29

Medcram: Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)


Medcram: Penicillins

MedCram: Cephalosporins

Antimicrobial Therapies in Critical Care (Drive)

Acid/Base Disorders

FCCS Ch. 6 (part of it)

Marino 3rd ed: Ch 28-30; 4th ed 31-33

Acid-Base, Fluid, Electrolytes made ridiculously simple (PRIMARY RESOURCE)

MedCram: Medical Acid Base videos 1-8


FCCS Ch. 12 (part of it)

Marino 3rd ed: Pg 554-557; 4th ed: part of Ch 32

MedCram: DKA part 1 and 2

EM Basic Podcast Episode 12: DKA

Fluid Assessment/Volume Responsiveness

Resource in progress

Fluids/Electrolyte Disorders

FCCS Ch. 12

Marino 3rd ed: Ch 32-35; 4th ed: Ch 35-38

Acid-Base, Fluid, Electrolytes made ridiculously simple (PRIMARY RESOURCE)

MedCram: Hyponatremia part 1-4

VTE: Focus on Massive/Submassive

Marino 3rd ed: Ch. 5; 4th ed: Ch 6

EmCrit: Podcast 128: Pulmonary Embolism Treatment Options and the PEAC Team

Emcrit: Podcast 143: Oren Friedman Massive PE

Chad Miller Journal Club Submassive PTE lecture

Rapid Response/STAT Team Situations

FCCS Ch. 1

ESICM: Professional Development Module: Clinical Examination section. Particular attention to primary and secondary evaluation