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As a Piedmont employed Pulmcast listener, you can claim AMA PRA Category I CME Credit™ (per episode) after listening to an episode, reading all associated show notes/media/supplemental material and successfully passing an assessment.

Below you will find a list of all episodes currently offering CME.

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Owning the Airway (when you don't own the airway)

ICU Liberation: Alphabet Soup from A to F

Core Content: Shock

To Intubate or Not to Intubate (During In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest), that Is the Question

Big Data and Analytics Don’t Save People (Humans Do!), But They Sure Do Help

[JC Series] Oslerphiles Rejoice: We're Talking DIAGNOSIS

Sarcoidosis: Beyond 40mg of Prednisone with Dr. Baughman

Sepsis Multicast 6.0: Sepsis Smackdown with Chad Case, MD

Should They Stay or Should They Go? ECMO, ARDS and When to Transfer Downtown

Sepsis Multicast Episode 4

Sepsis Multicast Episode 3

Sepsis Multicast Episode 2

Sepsis Multicast Episode 1