Hi There,

Welcome to Pulmcast! We are a couple of of Pulm/CCM providers working in a large tertiary care center in the southeastern US who love all things pulmonary, resus & critical care. Since 2016 our goal has been to breathe life into fresh FOAM content and stream it directly to your auditory cortex at 6mb/kg.

Want to learn more? Dig in & explore the site or drop us a line:


John Heisler, PA-C


John (psst..the one on the left!) has worked in pulmonary & critical care for several years in multiple hospitals and systems. He is our team's education and professional development manager which includes training, onboarding and organizing continuing education events. He is passionate about critical care and #FOAMed.


Rachel Mulder, PA-C


Rachel works as a practitioner for the hospitals across our system. She has a passion for educating and empowering patients, students and new trainees. Outside of traveling and working with computers/all things tech, she devotes the rest of her time towards her pulmonary & critical care medicine.


Jeremy Amayo, PA-C


Jeremy is a Pulmonary/Critical Care geek with an passion for resuscitation, physiology and complex systems. He loves all things #POCUS and #FOAMed. You will usually find him with an ultrasound probe in one hand and a black coffee in the other.


Recurring Guests


Craig Patterson, MD

Craig Patterson, MD is a pulmonary and critical care physician who is as passionate about #FOAMed as we are. His areas of interest include Advanced Care Planning, Pulmonary Hypertension, education, and critical care. 


Chad Case, MD

Chad Case, MD is our system ICU director with a wealth of knowledge about all things ICU. His favorite topics are sepsis, protocolized care, airway management, ARDS, and quality metrics in the ICU.


Jermaine Jackson, MD

Jermaine Jackson, MD is a pulmonary and critical care physician who holds board certifications in CC medicine, pulmonary medicine and internal medicine.